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What is Olive Oil?

 Olive oil is cold pressed from the fruit of the olive tree, or Olea europaea. It offers a broad spectrum of considerable health benefits, both internal and external, and is a much loved ingredient in handmade soaps.

The history of olive oil for skin care dates back thousands of years, with evidence for its use traced to Greece in the 7th Century BC. 


Like coconut oil, olive oil offers superb benefits for healthy, supple skin. It is packed with 'healthy' fats and essential nutrients, and is an elegantly simple way to nourish and moisturise your skin. 

Olive oil is very high in fat-soluble vitamins E and K, and is loaded with antioxidants, all of which are needed to protect the skin and keep it looking youthful. Among the beneficial fats found in olive oil are oleic acids, which moisturise the skin and strengthen connective tissue.

While it may sound counterintuitive, olive oil's antibacterial action makes it useful for fighting acne.

As a carrier oil

Whether it's for aromatherapy or massage, topical applications of essential oils require a carrier oil. Olive oil is well-suited for this purpose, with one caveat—while it is wonderfully beneficial for your skin, olive oil's aroma is quite bold, and you may find that it overpowers some essential oils. 

Olive oil in soap

Olive oil is included as a primary soap ingredient because of its superlative skin-nourishing and moisturising properties, and provides a rich creamy lather.

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