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What is Ylang-ylang Oil? 

Ylang-ylang essential oil is steam-distilled from the the ylang-ylang flowers of the cananga tree—Cananga odorata—and is characterised by a fruity floral scent with notes of custard, neroli and jasmine. It is an amorous perfume oil that has a stimulating effect on the skin.


 Ylang-ylang oil's chemical profile includes linalool, geranyl acetate, germacrene, p-cresyl methyl ether, methyl benzoate, caryophyllene, and sesquiterpenes, which contribute to its aphrodisiac, antidepressant, antiseptic, antiseborrhoeic, nervine, hypotensive, and sedative properties.

How to use ylang-ylang essential oil

Apply ylang-ylang oil topically, via diffuser, or in soap products. We recommend using a quality Ylang-ylang Essential Oil.

Topical application

Blend one part ylang-ylang oil with nine parts carrier oil to create a massage oil that will relieve anxiety and physical exhaustion, and possibly instil an amorous disposition.

Add 3-4 drops to your bathwater to create a romantic bath.

Via diffuser

Add 2-3 drops to your diffuser to create a romantic atmosphere in your living space that is free of worry or tension.

In soap products

When included handmade soaps and bath bombs, ylang-ylang oil helps to balance your skin's oil production, leaving it soft and enticing to the touch.


Essential Oils are highly concentrated and must be used with care.

Do not apply undiluted. Not to be taken internally.

Do not use ylang-ylang essential oil for treating medical conditions without first speaking to a medical professional.

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