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What is Juniper Berry Essential Oil? 

Juniper berry essential oil is extracted from juniper berries—the seed cones of coniferous juniper trees, mainly Juniperus communis. (Juniper berries are also used to make gin.) The essential oil is characterised by a refreshingly spicy, woody scent with citrus notes, and blends well with grapefruit essential oil and sweet orange essential oil. This is a versatile oil that is used in aromatherapy for the relief of anxiety and stress.


 Juniper berry essential oil is known for its antiseptic, anti-rheumatic, depurative and astringent properties. Its chemical profile includes a high pinene content, as well as  erpineol and terpinene.

For this reason, it has chiefly been used in the treatment of eczema and dandruff—it is an excellent skin toner—however it has also been used to regulate menstrual cycles and treat digestive issues. 

How to use juniper berry essential oil

This oil can be added to a diffuser, applied topically, and added to soap products. 

Via diffuser

Relieve nervous tension and create a grounded sense of calm in your living space by adding one or two drops to your oil diffuser. Try blending with oil of bergamot for added freshness.

Via topical application

Get the most out of juniper berry oil's de-stressing potential—add a few drops to a coconut carrier oil for an unwinding massage. 

Relieve sore muscles by adding a few drops to your bath water. 

In soap

Juniper berry oil gives soap an earthy, spicy scent, and makes it effective against flaky, blemish-prone skin.


Essential Oils are highly concentrated and must be used with care. 

Not to be taken internally.

Do not use juniper berry essential oil for treating medical conditions without first speaking to a medical professional.

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